He is not only a healer but truly a great person… – Kenny W.

Kenny Weber

Julie Harrington Giffin

Ozzy's commitment to his client's health is second to none. He takes his time, explains everything in detail and is truly passionate about his work by focusing not only on bringing his clients back to optimum health but maintaining their health long term. Soft tissue therapy is often overlooked but it is vital to physical conditioning.

Thanks Ozzy for your amazing work and dedication. Simply one of the best in the biz!

Mike Leake

I started working with Ozzy well over a year ago and can tell you that he is the finest therapist and trainer I've ever worked with. His commitment to understanding the unique issues I deal with due to past injuries and surgeries is absolute. I've found that Ozzy never stops noodling through how to help me and improve my quality of life and athleticism - he is passionate about what he does and it is clearly his calling. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment with him. - Mike

Nadim Andreas Ariqat

Insightful therapy/training and highly beneficial for athletes of all levels.

Douglas Saboe

Ozzy is exactly what I have been looking for. I have been a hairdresser for over 32 years standing long hours bent over a shampoo bowl and over my clients heads, it take it's toll on a body.  I'm constantly looking for someone to be able to help me with deep neck and shoulder pain not to mention feet and ankle upper and lower back pain as well.  Well I found it Mr. Ozzy Has helped me beyond what I thought was possible. He is a must have in everyones wellbeing. Stress relief is only the beginning. These therapies are intense but WORTH every minute of it..  Please try him out and see his passion and education level is top notch. Amazing.

Thank you Ozzy

Andrea Valdespino Ramos

A.R.T. therapy is the real deal and has been so useful! I was introduced to A.R.T by Ozzy and this treatment has kept my body training and running strong. I didn't realize I had chronic back and shoulder problems until I had my first therapy session. He works wonders when it comes treating my back and shoulder pain... there's always something popping or as Ozzy says "popping bottles" haha. I must admit, at times it's not relaxing, it's painful but IT WORKS.  Making investment in the expertise of Ozzy is the best thing I could have ever done for my health. He has improved my health and fitness and I couldn't be more happy working with Ozzy. He takes the time to help you discover what the long-term cause of your pain is instead of simply treating the symptoms. He is incredibly kind and genuinely caring, making sure to answer any questions and address any fears or concerns you might have.  If you are looking for an amazing ART therapist and want to improve your condition, Ozzy is your guy! You are in the BEST of hands with him, literally.  Thank you again for everything. You're awesome!

Kenny Weber

I have been going for five days a week for the past couple of months to go see Ozzy.  He is the best therapist that I've ever worked with and he is transforming my body like no one else has ever been able to and bringing my muscles back to life. He really takes pride in his work and always gives me extra time and sends me encouraging messages to do my exercises throughout the day. He is not only a healer but truly a great person and somebody that I would recommend you should work with in regards to your physical well-being. He is very knowledgeable and does not only fix you but also takes time to educate you. He is worth every penny I spent and all the time I have taken to go to him. I can't wait till he's finished creating the best version of myself, clearly with my help also.  I tell everyone and I did not even have any pain before I went into see him and was doing more preventative healthcare and he is the BEST therapist that has ever touched my body!

Shauhin Salehyan

Ozzy has helped with therapy to fix a painful shoulder and open the muscles on my back. I was unsure if ART would work for me but i gave it a shot. I expected it to be more like a deep tissue massage but this was more like REAL THERAPY. There is a small bit of pain and work involved, but it is NOTHING compared to walking around with a lifetime of injury that you don't treat. He had me do some simple stretches while he manipulated soft tissue in my body. I had to push through the resistance and pain he placed and this is what gives you ALL The results. Two sessions down and my shoulder feels better than ever. I don't even feel the slightest twitch of pain that i used to when doing simple movements. Great job from Ozzy at 365OHAF!!!!

Trever Shamshoian

If you want to feel great again go see my man Ozzy!!! He really is a life changer! Don't wait another day hit him up.

April Leslie

As a professional musician, I have been carrying a lot of weight on my upper back and neck for years. Incorrect posture and hours of sitting caused a pretty serious chronic knot. It was very uncomfortable, sometimes even causing numbness in my arm. I had received massage therapy which would feel nice in the moment but did not lead to any real resolution. Feeling very discouraged, I just figured this was something I would have to "live with" for the rest of my life. I'm so grateful to have meet Ozzy through a friend as his expertise in ART have finally brought some true relief and even hope to my situation. He is very dedicated to his practice and constantly keeps himself educated and up to date on the best techniques. Not to mention Ozzy is seriously strong (!) and able to make progress in even the most stubborn knots/conditions (like mine!). Throughout the entire ART session Ozzy will explain to you what he is working on, what causes the pain and how to fix it. Thanks Ozzy!

Jill Stafford

Ozzy is amazing! He helped me so much! I didn't even realize how tight and imbalanced I was until I started ART with Ozzy. I am now able to really contract the correct muscles during my workouts. I had lower back problems and swollen lower limbs and now I'm pain free and the swelling went down. I overall feel more balanced and I can even breathe better!

Thanks Ozzy !!!

David Shamshoian

More than just a massage, Ozzy's therapy sessions are crucial to my quality of life. If I go to long without an appointment I notice my body tightening up. Ozzy always identifies the source of my pain and takes his time to makes sure my muscles are at optimal health!! Every therapy session comes with lengthy explanations an advise for better care!! Combined with his nutritional advise for therapy recovery Ozzy has me feeling like a new man after every session! Worth every dollar I have ever invested, I will continue therapy with Ozzy for as long as he will provide. Thank u buddy for all that U do for our health!!

Aaron M Escobedo

Ozzy is by far the most dedicated, and passionate Soft Tissue Therapist is all of San Diego. His commitment to educating his clients, and ensuring they're ability to function is absolutely top notch! He is constantly learning, and becoming an expert in his field so as to provide his clients with the BEST customer service around. For the value of what he offers, you will not find anyone better. This is extremely rare among bodyworkers/soft tissue therapist as most of them are in it for the money, and not for the best interest of the client. I can confidently say that you are in the BEST of hands, literally with Ozzy, and I guarantee he will improve your condition far beyond anyone else around!

Steve Cotter Ikff

I made an appointment for a treatment with Ozzy Ozgur Kirdar at 365 Optimal Health and Fitness in Mission Beach, CA.  I have had many many different kinds of therapeutic massages because I work with my body as a coach and athlete and I travel internationally a lot teaching seminars. I have had many Thai massages and other kinds of deep tissue work done to me in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other places famous for skillful massage. So I have a very good frame of reference to compare to. I am extremely impressed with Ozzy's skills and depth of knowledge about the body and his dedication to his service. He really takes the time to explain the big picture and puts in a lot of time and energy to help his customers. He was able to work very deeply into some troubled areas that have become tight over years of training.  I give Ozzy my highest recommendation to anyone in San Diego who needs body work from a therapist who really cares about helping you. He doesn't just provide "feel-good" body rubs which are nice while it lasts, but do nothing to actually promote healing. Instead he goes much deeper to find and address the root causes of the pains and spends as much time as is necessary to alleviate both the cause and the symptoms.  Also his prices are more than generous as many massage technicians will charge significantly more money for less value. It is a very good deal in both price and value. 2 thumbs up!!

Steve Cotter
Director, IKFF
San Diego, CA

Alex Mieczkowski

Ozzy is one of the best at what he does, and he has a deep passion for helping people! I was injured and couldn't practice Jiu Jitsu for a long time until I saw Ozzy, he helped me get back on the mat and feel better than ever. I highly recommend Ozzy for anyone seeking routine therapy, or injury therapy. You will not be disappointed!!!

Jessica Taranto

Ozzy came highly recommended to me by a friend of mine who described him as "the most detail oriented ART therapist" she had ever seen. She was absolutely correct. Since I have been working with Ozzy my health and fitness have elevated in ways I never thought possible. He takes his time and really customizes each session to the individual clients' needs. He has helped me to realize the importance of soft tissue therapy and has educated me every step of the way to further my understanding of my individual issues, on how to do my part outside of his office to maintain his therapy and how to prevent injury during my training. Ozzy is passionately dedicated to aiding in achieving the optimum health of his clientele. He is relentlessly studying to further his education in order to reach new heights as he continually evolves into the ultimate master of his craft. Not only has Ozzy opened my muscles but he has opened my mind to the importance of balanced training and a big part of that balance includes therapy. I don't know how I lived with the issues I had before Ozzy but I can't imagine my health and fitness without him now. He goes above and beyond the typical duties of an ART therapist because he genuinely cares about the health and well being of his clients and I am so grateful to have found Ozzy!

Vito Russo

My go to guy for the best active release technique and overall body healing . Ozzi is a true professional who is constantly fine tuning his craft and skillset . See him soon before you keep working your body into further misalignment!

Thank you!!

Ashley Kerr

I met Ozzy through my fiancé who had been in a serious car accident and worked long hours in an office. Spinal and core issues. From her first session of ART Ozzy had showed her where her issues were and created a step by step plan for her to recover. He took it upon himself to educate her and show her all the important little things that people over look. Each visit gave her more flexibility less pain and improved respect for her health. Ozzy’s detailed instruction on nutrition, stretching and correct techniques on exercises to improve targeted muscle groups outside of his services has been a big help. Ozzy is a very happy positive person which is a great thing. He truly loves his work and takes great pride in every aspect of his services. Real value for money, thanks to his all round approach to health and fitness. Great work Ozzy wish we lived closer would be seeing you a lot more! We highly recommend to anyone. Cheer Ashley and Niki

Carlos Kremer

Ozzy has so much experience and training to know how to repair the human body and particularly help athletes in general. His dedication to his art is on another level. I have had 17 surgeries from my combat sport lifestyle and he is going step by step to not only help me heal but make me a better competitor. Whether you just want to maximize your health or get aggressive on past injuries, Ozzy is the guy for you. Call him today and let him know I sent you and take control of your life. You'll be glad you did, 5 Star Review!

Axenzo DrGym

Ozzy Ozgur hocam has been my best trainer and big brother for life. He is not only helping you to reach your fitness goal but also giving you life lessons everytime you meet. If you want to run a marathon.. be a fitness model.. boost your metabolism.. gain lean muscles.. He can focus on your specific goal and make sure you are going to reach it hundred percent!  He is also ART certified, he can help you prevent injuries and recover your muscles with the professional Active Release techniques.  I believe with his knowledge and his personality Ozzy is one of a kind in San Diego.  One thing not to forget.  You must listen whatever he says and follow his rules during your sessions with him,  Sometimes he might get mad if he doesn't see %100 improvement but it will definitely motivate you 🙂  Just Focus-Be Dedicated- Listen Ozzy and Make Those Muscles Shine

Dennis O’Connor

Ozzy knows his stuff! give him a go, and you will be happy.