I have met many trainers and coaches in my field, but none with the knowledge and skills that Ozzy Kirdar possesses. – Cem Eren

Robert Taylor Actor/Model

I saw Ozzy's body and his pictures and i wanted to look like that. I wanted to have a better looking, functioning and working body. I didn't necessarily want to be as big as he was, but as a Hollywood Film and  \Television Actor, I had lost roles because I wasn't big enough. and I was getting sick of it.  I needed help getting out of the night clubs and bars every nite and Ozzy taught me how important a steady sleep, meal and workout program is to building structure and strength in bodybuilding. He showed me the proper diet to eat, told me when to eat, showed me how to use the weights to lift properly and gave me a week by week breakdown of what I needed to do.

Since I live in Los Angeles, I often find myself on the phone with Ozzy for supplement supply advice, new workout programs and i can always be sure that when I come down for a training session that he really kicks my butt. Ozzy knows what he is doing, and if he didn't, he wouldn't have the success and talent and pride in his work that he holds. From fighters, to models and actors like my self, this guy will train you hard, thorough and with skill and technique. if you're looking to make a serious change in your lifestyle, diet and self-esteem.  Trust me. Ozzy can take you there.

In the past year working with him, I have booked a lead role in the New Boost Mobile Commercials airing on television currently, and booked Music Video's for Gwen Stefani and Elton John. I have modeled for Pamela Anderson's Fashion Shows in Las Vegas and I am also the new male model for Alexandria Von Bromssens clothing line. I am going to be the lead model featured in all her catalogs and most of her stuff is undergarments where I'm showing my body all the time. I didn't use to have the confidence that I now do when it comes to taking my shirt off. I love my new healthy life.

I put the work in that I need to do, but I owe it to Ozzy for the support and training. You have truly helped me in so many ways!

Thank you, Ozzy and I will be seeing you soon!


Robert Taylor
Hollywood, CA

Logan Landry Interior Designer

Interior Designer

Once I met Ozzy, I knew that he was the personal trainer for me. He exuded confidence and knowledge and made me feel comfortable immediately.  Ozzy is extremely nice, respectful and accommodating. I am an Interior Designer and work a difficult schedule which revolves around the time restraints of my clients. Ozzy bends over backwards to merge our schedules.  Because of Ozzy's expertise, I have changed my diet and made great progress in my physical appearance and my quality of life.  Thanks Ozzy!

Dawn Lawrence Manager

I found myself in a slump due to a new job with long hours. My workouts were suffering, my body was changing (not for the good), my energy wasn't there to workout & I became discouraged. It was hard to stay motivated with my fitness & I realized that I needed some help to keep on track (to stay fit).  When I'd workout at the gym I noticed Ozzy training a lot of different body types using a variety of exercises & different techniques/stretches. He would always push his clients & work at a good pace to get in as much as possible. It looked fun to me because it was a mixture of exercises & not just the same old boring weights that I've been doing for years.  After my first training session I was hooked & couldn't wait to train again. This was a good thing for me because I was starting to really drift away from fitness & when this happens I'm just not a happy person.

I'm really grateful to have met Ozzy. He's helped me get back on track, not just physically but mentally & even if I don't work out as much as I used to, I can always count on a great workout that doesn't just end when we are finished but keeps me going for the rest of the week. I always look forward to our sessions.

Thank you Ozzy for keeping me accountable, motivated, and of course making me laugh!!

Jacob C. Reinbolt Attorney in Law

March 12, 2009, Dear Ozzy, I wanted to thank you for the great training you have provided to me. As you know, my principal reasons for deciding to use a personal trainer were to learn some of the new techniques I have seen you using with your other clients in the gym, and to try some “functional” training in preparation for this year’s triathlon season.  Regarding weightlifting techniques generally, I was surprised about how much I learned from you. I have been weight training for almost 30 years but I learned many new exercises from you, and improved my form on many of the exercises that I had been doing for a long time.  Your focus on getting the most out of each exercise by “going to the edges” dramatically improves the effectiveness of every session in the gym and has made me fitter than I have ever been (and that’s saying a lot because I was already very fit to begin with!). In addition, the one-legged weight training, and the intense abdominal work, have dramatically improved my strength and power in virtually everything I do.

Your functional training is incredible and the best by far that I have seen from other trainers that are trying to do similar training. Your creativity in the exercise selection, and your ability to push me to the edge on every exercise, has also produced tremendous benefits. As you know I am a busy lawyer in one of the largest law firms in San Diego so my training has to be efficient – your regular and functional training sessions are incredibly efficient and produce amazing benefits in the time available.

Beyond having added strength, power, balance, and agility that I can feel every moment of the day, the first real test of the training came just yesterday in a “time trail” on the bike (an all out effort for a prescribed distance against the clock) where I performed far better this early in the season than I ever have. I attribute this dramatic improvement to your training. I know I will be ready for Ironman triathlon racing this summer as a result of our training.

Thanks so much for all you have done for me.  Keep up the great work – you are a great example for other trainers to try to follow!


Jacob C. Reinbolt

P.S.: Thank you also for the fantastic work you have done with my 80 year old Mother. She has gained strength, balance, and coordination from working with you twice weekly. As importantly, she loves working with you and genuinely enjoys your professionalism, your positive attitude, and your energy.

Kristen Ivancich Director of Operations

When I first started training with Ozzy I was what you would call skinny. For some women that is what they would like to achieve, but being skinny meant I had no muscle mass, bad posture and poor eating habits — yes, poor eating habits.  I learned with the customized nutrition plan Ozzy created for me just good nutritions were. Gaining muscle mass on my body and working toward a more healthy figure and lifestyle was my goal.  After a little over six months I have put on 15 lbs. of muscle, decreased my body fat percentage and improved my posture. It has taken alot of hard work, but no one worked harder or cared more about my results than Ozzy did. I think that's what makes him different from other trainers — the fact that he combines his knowledge and expertise with his desire to see his clients achieve results. I strongly suggest him as a personal trainer. If you think you are good I am sure he can make you even better.  Thank you for everything you have done for me Ozzy.

Zoha Sakhravat Human Resources Manager

I am a full time human resource manager and thought I would never have the time to get the body I want.  I started out with being overweight and having no muscle tone. In less then four months, I have decreased my body fat percentage 11% and lost 10lbs! I feel so great and amazing.  Ozzy is there with you through the whole way. He motivates you and really pushes you to get the best results. He knows so many different techniques and exercises, it is never boring. He is very knowledgeable and not only trains you, but educates you about working out.  I want everyone to benefit the way that I did. I love my new body!!  Thanks again Ozzy!

Eddie Martin Owner/Tech, The Dent Devils

My name is Eddie Martin and my story begins a coupe of years ago when in a period of a few months I was in three car accidents, being rear-ended in all three.  Up to that point I used to workout five times a week, and was having one of the best years I ever had in business. I own a paintless dent repair company—The Dent Devils, and for those who are familiar with the process, you know how important it is to be in a good physical shape to perform my job.  After the accidents I started having migraines and problems with my neck, wrist, knees, lower back, and shoulders. I was going to physical therapy and a migraine specialist from three to five times a week, following everything my doctors prescribed, and trying to workout both on my own and with personal trainers from 24hr Fitness. Unfortunately nothing seemed to work, so besides my health problems I also started suffering from depression. I was already giving up on trying to get better, finally accepting the concept of getting older and not being able to feel like I used to, when I decided to give Ozzy a try after meeting him through friends. That was around three months ago and all I can say is that I wish I had met him a few years back.   Not only has Ozzy helped me with my workout routine, but also with understanding how my body works and reacts to subtle adjustments—not to mention how bad form causes/prolongs injuries. And he takes especial attention to the nutrition side of the training: What to eat, when, and why.  Although he looks into finding the best supplements to cut down on recovery times, he gives high priority to extracting the most out of regular food. It feels great not to have somebody pushing all kinds of chemicals into you just so they can get a higher commission.  Most trainers forget the concept of “personal” training and spend more time watching the clock instead of their clients’ form. I have worked out with four trainers over the last six years, and I never experienced such attention to my specific needs like I do now. Ozzy not only understands and loves body building, but he also knows how to deal with injury rehabilitation. In these short three months he helped me regain what I thought was lost forever, and now my goal for my 44th birthday this summer is to be in better shape than I was before all those accidents. Feeling young and healthy never seemed like a truer reality to me than now. Thanks Ozzy!

Eddie Martin
(619) 726 - 6767

David Caidar Business Engineering Development

The following message is to show my gratitude to Ozzy for being my trainer for nine months.  I was not in good shape, I did not walk tall, I did not walk straight and other miss-functions activities all these did disturb my way of living.  Thanks to Ozzy and his program, he was able in time to correct all my defects, which made me act properly, less fat more muscles and live properly.  With Ozzy program, I lost some weight and I was in good shape.  Ozzy is very knowledgeable in his training programs.  Best Regards,  David Caidar Business Engineering Development, under Fiber Optics Systems.

Raana Jamshide Broker Associate,REALTOR,e-PRO,CRS

I have always been an active person doing all sorts of exercises. But I always was unhappy and complaining until I met Ozzy through my daughter — who also has been training with Ozzy. I have been training with him for 6 months and have gotten the result that I did not get on my own.  I have lost 7% body fat and 6 inches around my waist, my posture has improved, I have more energy and not lethargic at all. He is a great motivator and doesn't let you give up.  He is very knowledgeable about nutrition’s and dieting which has also helped me along the way. I am Broker Associate with Century 21 Award.

Cem Eren, CPT Master TRainer/Owner of FITT-QUEST, AZ

My name is Cen Eren and I am the owner and Master Trainer of FITT-QUEST USA in Phoenix, Arizona.  I have trained all types of clients, young and old, and have coached professional athletes. I have met many trainers and coaches in my field, but none with the knowledge and skills that Ozzy Kirdar possesses. He is a great trainer who understands his clients and that’s what makes him different from the rest.  Ozzy understands how to shape his client’s body and make them look their best. In addition to that, he understands functional training and how to use it to help his clients reach their goals.  Cem Eren, CPT Master TRainer/Owner of FITT-QUEST, AZ www.fittquest.com

Amanda King Accountant/Office Manager

I have been training with Ozzy for a little over 4 months, and was originally referred by a friend. It has been a great experience, which I will definitely be continuing!  Ozzy has been unbelievable at motivating me to push myself past the points I would have stopped on my own. He has also showed me how to use the right form when doing exercises to get the maximum benefit. I have had more of an improvement in 4 months than I had in the past few years on my own.  I would highly suggest meeting with him to discuss your goals, and seeing if there is a way for him to help you meet them. My bet is he can.

Anna Bevier Auto Insurance Customer Service Manager

I have been training with Ozzy for the past 6 months and will definitely continue my sessions with him in the months to come.  He is a great motivator and very knowledgeable in his field. He combines strength training, stretching, and cardio to meet your desired goal. He pushes you when you want to give up but in a positive and respectable manner. His focus is on each and every one of his clients during their sessions.  I have definitely seen the results I desired in the past few months, which only make me want to increase my fitness goals.  Ozzy knows the proper form for strength exercises to reach the maximum result. I would take the time to meet with this great trainer, as you will not be surprised of what Ozzy will help you achieve.

Glenn Sanderson Strategic Supply Chain Manager

An auto accident 6 years ago herniated a disk my back, compressing and damaging the root nerve exiting my spinal column at the 6th & 7th vertebra. Over 6 years, the compression and pain became more severe not only was I in great pain but further nerve damage and reduced nerve capacity was evident in the atrophy of the muscles of my right chest, tricep and upper back (latissimus). The right side of my upper body had severe muscle loss.  Surgery was my only option to relieve the nerve compression but was only the first step in my recovery. I knew that I needed guidance and support to maximize my recovery and due to the special challenges associated with my recovery I was looking for a trainer who had experience and could work with the restrictions and instructions from my doctor to get me moving in the right direction as quickly as possible without causing any additional damage.  My doctor advised me that recovery after surgery would be a year on intense work to first stimulate the damaged nerve by increasing blood flow to the nerve. Only by intense effort over an extended period of time would the nerve begin to regain its ability and the nerve recovery is a prerequisite to muscle development. The trainer who I chose would need experience working with nerve injury in addition to muscle development and fitness.  I also required a trainer who possessed skills in nutrition. Over the past year I had developed some unhealthy eating habits and it was not surprising that my weight had climbed from 185 pounds to 213 pounds. The injury had also broken my mental drive and determination. I know myself well enough to know that I need someone who will be a great advocate for my recovery and goals. One who had an ability to understand and motivate me on those days when I could not find the internal strength to push through.

From my first consultations with Ozzy Kirdar I found that he possessed the experience and skills required to help me in my recovery but there was something more that went beyond a resume. I came to understand that Ozzy truly cares about all his clients and does more than just go through the motions. He gives 100% plus every session and makes certain that I understand and am doing my part outside the gym. After working with Ozzy for five months I can say without reservation that I could not be happier with any other trainer. I have made incredible progress in all areas and have no doubt that I would not have come this far without his support and guidance. As I often tell him I am very fortunate to be working with him because on most days he wants me to achieve my goals even more than I want to achieve them myself.

I could not recommend Ozzy highly enough.

Tiffani Nielsen Corp. Sr. Specialist, Manufacturing Systems

Ozzy Kirdar has always been an excellent friend, and I knew he was an exceptional trainer for his clients. When he offered to help me prepare for the upcoming San Francisco Half Marathon, I was admittedly skeptical, but I accepted his offer and we began training several times a week.  I noticed vast improvements in muscle recovery post workout right away, which allowed me to push my training further with less downtime due to soreness and muscle fatigue. He also gave me great advice on supplements and pre and post workout nutrition.  I was thoroughly impressed with his training techniques, he proved to be an incredible asset to my conditioning. I ended up finishing the San Francisco Half Marathon with a personal record, despite the grueling hills!  No matter what your fitness level, whether you are trying to gain strength, increase endurance, lose weight, or simply take your fitness to the highest level possible, I would recommend Ozzy Kirdar. He makes every session challenging and a fun learning experience you look forward to. Give him a call and see how he can help you reach your full potential too.  Sincerely,  Tiffani Nielsen Corp. Sr. Specialist, Manufacturing Systems

Shae Ayse Cetinel Financial Analyst

I am a very active person. I like doing yoga and going to group classes at the gym. I'm a huge advocate of team sports. However, I have not been very good at hitting the weight room and work out specific muscles groups. I was definitely lacking motivation and knowledge.  When I met Ozzy, I was complaining about general body weakness. I have a bad back since my childhood and I was advised not to lift anything heavy. Despite my active life, over time my body got very weak. I wasn’t able to even carry my groceries. I knew that I needed professional help to get where I wanted without hurting myself.  After a research around San Diego area, I found Ozzy. He was the perfect trainer. Not only he was enthusiastic, fun to work with, but also very knowledgeable and patient. He understood my overall weakness and had me concentrate on strength training first couple weeks. He also worked with me on my diet and supplements.  The first month, I lost 3 inch from my waist although I was on high calorie diet. I couldn't believe the fast results! His guidance and knowledge definitely has changed my outlook for life. Going to gym and working with weights to maintain my strength and figure is now an important part of my daily routine. All my friends have been noticing the positive change in my body and personality. I can’t wait to put my bikini on!

Efe Tekson Senior Sales Person BMW of San Diego

I've been working out with Ozzy for a little over 3 months and the improvement is definitely impressive.I had never had a personal trainer before, and was not sure what to expect.  We started with changing my eating habits. I never paid much attention to the nutritional value in food, and just ate whatever was convenient. I now eat alot more healthy and am aware of the food groups that will help me improve my body image and overall fitness. As a result I have better muscle definition and more energy.  We then set out a fitness routine. Since I was never a regular to the gym before, this was hard to get used to. I was pushed to limits I never thought I could overcome, but did. This was a huge accomplishment for me.   With his great focus on training and his nutrition advice, Ozzy is not only an expert in personal training field, he's also a very highly motivating trainer.  I started at 170lbs with 22% body fat. Now 3 months later he's transformed me inside out to 165lbs and 10% body fat. I lost 2 waist sizes going down from 32 to 30. Particularly, my chest, back and arms are bigger. My six pack is defined and visible. My muscles are toned and my bones are strong. I feel alot more confident and energetic.  My whole life has changed and I am now happier and healthier than I have ever been.  Thanks Ozzy, for giving me goals, advice, support, and friendship.

Carlos Kremer Captain USMC, Owner Kremer Insurance and Real Estate Services

As a former college football player, a Captain in the United States Marine Corps and recipient of two Navy Achievement Medals I know about leadership and training. Ozzy is simply THE BEST trainer that I have ever seen or worked with period!   If you have the dedication, the determination and the willingness to not only do the workouts but follow his comprehensive diet, you will see amazing results. He will take you to wherever you want to go...If it is lose weight, gain size, be a better athlete etc, it will be accomplished if you follow his lead. He takes an avid interest in all phases of your life to spot weakness's and make immediate corrections...Sleep habits, nutrition, training, and stretching are just a few of the major components that make a champion and he goes into detail on all 24/7 with every session.  It is like having a fitness expert, life coach and nutritionist all wrapped into one package! I accomplished in 6 months what can take a lifetime to achieve and this is only the beginning!  Thank you Ozzy and Semper Fi.

Mike Scott Real Estate Professional

Ozzy’s a great trainer because he’s really knowledgeable about training methods, nutrition, etc, but always continues to improve his knowledge. He’s a good motivator, connects with his clients on a personal level, and produces results consistently.  I have been training with Ozzy for 2 years now. My level of fitness had reached a plateau and trying to train alone was not productive anymore. Ozzy teaches me about how to lift and to maximize training with the right form, how to eat depending on my current fitness goals, and keeps an eye on my results. So in addition to achieving my physical goals, I continue learning a lot from Ozzy about how to take care of my body and achieve the goals I want.  When I started training with Ozzy I told him I wanted to put on like ten pounds of muscle and get a little leaner. At the first session, I was 180 and probably 11% body fat. Three months later I was 190 and 8% body fat. Training with Ozzy and following his suggestions for time outside of the gym accelerated my success.  My name is Mike. I’m a former college athlete, presently a real estate professional and part-time graduate business school student, and I live and work in North County.