Tiffani Nielsen Corp. Sr. Specialist, Manufacturing Systems

Ozzy Kirdar has always been an excellent friend, and I knew he was an exceptional trainer for his clients. When he offered to help me prepare for the upcoming San Francisco Half Marathon, I was admittedly skeptical, but I accepted his offer and we began training several times a week.  I noticed vast improvements in muscle recovery post workout right away, which allowed me to push my training further with less downtime due to soreness and muscle fatigue. He also gave me great advice on supplements and pre and post workout nutrition.  I was thoroughly impressed with his training techniques, he proved to be an incredible asset to my conditioning. I ended up finishing the San Francisco Half Marathon with a personal record, despite the grueling hills!  No matter what your fitness level, whether you are trying to gain strength, increase endurance, lose weight, or simply take your fitness to the highest level possible, I would recommend Ozzy Kirdar. He makes every session challenging and a fun learning experience you look forward to. Give him a call and see how he can help you reach your full potential too.  Sincerely,  Tiffani Nielsen Corp. Sr. Specialist, Manufacturing Systems

May 22, 2019