Steve Cotter Ikff

I made an appointment for a treatment with Ozzy Ozgur Kirdar at 365 Optimal Health and Fitness in Mission Beach, CA.  I have had many many different kinds of therapeutic massages because I work with my body as a coach and athlete and I travel internationally a lot teaching seminars. I have had many Thai massages and other kinds of deep tissue work done to me in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other places famous for skillful massage. So I have a very good frame of reference to compare to. I am extremely impressed with Ozzy’s skills and depth of knowledge about the body and his dedication to his service. He really takes the time to explain the big picture and puts in a lot of time and energy to help his customers. He was able to work very deeply into some troubled areas that have become tight over years of training.  I give Ozzy my highest recommendation to anyone in San Diego who needs body work from a therapist who really cares about helping you. He doesn’t just provide “feel-good” body rubs which are nice while it lasts, but do nothing to actually promote healing. Instead he goes much deeper to find and address the root causes of the pains and spends as much time as is necessary to alleviate both the cause and the symptoms.  Also his prices are more than generous as many massage technicians will charge significantly more money for less value. It is a very good deal in both price and value. 2 thumbs up!!

Steve Cotter
Director, IKFF
San Diego, CA

May 22, 2019