Shae Ayse Cetinel Financial Analyst

I am a very active person. I like doing yoga and going to group classes at the gym. I’m a huge advocate of team sports. However, I have not been very good at hitting the weight room and work out specific muscles groups. I was definitely lacking motivation and knowledge.  When I met Ozzy, I was complaining about general body weakness. I have a bad back since my childhood and I was advised not to lift anything heavy. Despite my active life, over time my body got very weak. I wasn’t able to even carry my groceries. I knew that I needed professional help to get where I wanted without hurting myself.  After a research around San Diego area, I found Ozzy. He was the perfect trainer. Not only he was enthusiastic, fun to work with, but also very knowledgeable and patient. He understood my overall weakness and had me concentrate on strength training first couple weeks. He also worked with me on my diet and supplements.  The first month, I lost 3 inch from my waist although I was on high calorie diet. I couldn’t believe the fast results! His guidance and knowledge definitely has changed my outlook for life. Going to gym and working with weights to maintain my strength and figure is now an important part of my daily routine. All my friends have been noticing the positive change in my body and personality. I can’t wait to put my bikini on!

May 22, 2019