Mike Scott Real Estate Professional

Ozzy’s a great trainer because he’s really knowledgeable about training methods, nutrition, etc, but always continues to improve his knowledge. He’s a good motivator, connects with his clients on a personal level, and produces results consistently.  I have been training with Ozzy for 2 years now. My level of fitness had reached a plateau and trying to train alone was not productive anymore. Ozzy teaches me about how to lift and to maximize training with the right form, how to eat depending on my current fitness goals, and keeps an eye on my results. So in addition to achieving my physical goals, I continue learning a lot from Ozzy about how to take care of my body and achieve the goals I want.  When I started training with Ozzy I told him I wanted to put on like ten pounds of muscle and get a little leaner. At the first session, I was 180 and probably 11% body fat. Three months later I was 190 and 8% body fat. Training with Ozzy and following his suggestions for time outside of the gym accelerated my success.  My name is Mike. I’m a former college athlete, presently a real estate professional and part-time graduate business school student, and I live and work in North County.

May 22, 2019