Kristen Ivancich Director of Operations

When I first started training with Ozzy I was what you would call skinny. For some women that is what they would like to achieve, but being skinny meant I had no muscle mass, bad posture and poor eating habits — yes, poor eating habits.  I learned with the customized nutrition plan Ozzy created for me just good nutritions were. Gaining muscle mass on my body and working toward a more healthy figure and lifestyle was my goal.  After a little over six months I have put on 15 lbs. of muscle, decreased my body fat percentage and improved my posture. It has taken alot of hard work, but no one worked harder or cared more about my results than Ozzy did. I think that’s what makes him different from other trainers — the fact that he combines his knowledge and expertise with his desire to see his clients achieve results. I strongly suggest him as a personal trainer. If you think you are good I am sure he can make you even better.  Thank you for everything you have done for me Ozzy.

May 22, 2019