Kenny Weber

I have been going for five days a week for the past couple of months to go see Ozzy.  He is the best therapist that I’ve ever worked with and he is transforming my body like no one else has ever been able to and bringing my muscles back to life. He really takes pride in his work and always gives me extra time and sends me encouraging messages to do my exercises throughout the day. He is not only a healer but truly a great person and somebody that I would recommend you should work with in regards to your physical well-being. He is very knowledgeable and does not only fix you but also takes time to educate you. He is worth every penny I spent and all the time I have taken to go to him. I can’t wait till he’s finished creating the best version of myself, clearly with my help also.  I tell everyone and I did not even have any pain before I went into see him and was doing more preventative healthcare and he is the BEST therapist that has ever touched my body!

May 22, 2019