Jacob C. Reinbolt Attorney in Law

March 12, 2009, Dear Ozzy, I wanted to thank you for the great training you have provided to me. As you know, my principal reasons for deciding to use a personal trainer were to learn some of the new techniques I have seen you using with your other clients in the gym, and to try some “functional” training in preparation for this year’s triathlon season.  Regarding weightlifting techniques generally, I was surprised about how much I learned from you. I have been weight training for almost 30 years but I learned many new exercises from you, and improved my form on many of the exercises that I had been doing for a long time.  Your focus on getting the most out of each exercise by “going to the edges” dramatically improves the effectiveness of every session in the gym and has made me fitter than I have ever been (and that’s saying a lot because I was already very fit to begin with!). In addition, the one-legged weight training, and the intense abdominal work, have dramatically improved my strength and power in virtually everything I do.

Your functional training is incredible and the best by far that I have seen from other trainers that are trying to do similar training. Your creativity in the exercise selection, and your ability to push me to the edge on every exercise, has also produced tremendous benefits. As you know I am a busy lawyer in one of the largest law firms in San Diego so my training has to be efficient – your regular and functional training sessions are incredibly efficient and produce amazing benefits in the time available.

Beyond having added strength, power, balance, and agility that I can feel every moment of the day, the first real test of the training came just yesterday in a “time trail” on the bike (an all out effort for a prescribed distance against the clock) where I performed far better this early in the season than I ever have. I attribute this dramatic improvement to your training. I know I will be ready for Ironman triathlon racing this summer as a result of our training.

Thanks so much for all you have done for me.  Keep up the great work – you are a great example for other trainers to try to follow!


Jacob C. Reinbolt

P.S.: Thank you also for the fantastic work you have done with my 80 year old Mother. She has gained strength, balance, and coordination from working with you twice weekly. As importantly, she loves working with you and genuinely enjoys your professionalism, your positive attitude, and your energy.

May 22, 2019