Glenn Sanderson Strategic Supply Chain Manager

An auto accident 6 years ago herniated a disk my back, compressing and damaging the root nerve exiting my spinal column at the 6th & 7th vertebra. Over 6 years, the compression and pain became more severe not only was I in great pain but further nerve damage and reduced nerve capacity was evident in the atrophy of the muscles of my right chest, tricep and upper back (latissimus). The right side of my upper body had severe muscle loss.  Surgery was my only option to relieve the nerve compression but was only the first step in my recovery. I knew that I needed guidance and support to maximize my recovery and due to the special challenges associated with my recovery I was looking for a trainer who had experience and could work with the restrictions and instructions from my doctor to get me moving in the right direction as quickly as possible without causing any additional damage.  My doctor advised me that recovery after surgery would be a year on intense work to first stimulate the damaged nerve by increasing blood flow to the nerve. Only by intense effort over an extended period of time would the nerve begin to regain its ability and the nerve recovery is a prerequisite to muscle development. The trainer who I chose would need experience working with nerve injury in addition to muscle development and fitness.  I also required a trainer who possessed skills in nutrition. Over the past year I had developed some unhealthy eating habits and it was not surprising that my weight had climbed from 185 pounds to 213 pounds. The injury had also broken my mental drive and determination. I know myself well enough to know that I need someone who will be a great advocate for my recovery and goals. One who had an ability to understand and motivate me on those days when I could not find the internal strength to push through.

From my first consultations with Ozzy Kirdar I found that he possessed the experience and skills required to help me in my recovery but there was something more that went beyond a resume. I came to understand that Ozzy truly cares about all his clients and does more than just go through the motions. He gives 100% plus every session and makes certain that I understand and am doing my part outside the gym. After working with Ozzy for five months I can say without reservation that I could not be happier with any other trainer. I have made incredible progress in all areas and have no doubt that I would not have come this far without his support and guidance. As I often tell him I am very fortunate to be working with him because on most days he wants me to achieve my goals even more than I want to achieve them myself.

I could not recommend Ozzy highly enough.

May 22, 2019