Efe Tekson Senior Sales Person BMW of San Diego

I’ve been working out with Ozzy for a little over 3 months and the improvement is definitely impressive.I had never had a personal trainer before, and was not sure what to expect.  We started with changing my eating habits. I never paid much attention to the nutritional value in food, and just ate whatever was convenient. I now eat alot more healthy and am aware of the food groups that will help me improve my body image and overall fitness. As a result I have better muscle definition and more energy.  We then set out a fitness routine. Since I was never a regular to the gym before, this was hard to get used to. I was pushed to limits I never thought I could overcome, but did. This was a huge accomplishment for me.   With his great focus on training and his nutrition advice, Ozzy is not only an expert in personal training field, he’s also a very highly motivating trainer.  I started at 170lbs with 22% body fat. Now 3 months later he’s transformed me inside out to 165lbs and 10% body fat. I lost 2 waist sizes going down from 32 to 30. Particularly, my chest, back and arms are bigger. My six pack is defined and visible. My muscles are toned and my bones are strong. I feel alot more confident and energetic.  My whole life has changed and I am now happier and healthier than I have ever been.  Thanks Ozzy, for giving me goals, advice, support, and friendship.

May 22, 2019