Eddie Martin Owner/Tech, The Dent Devils

My name is Eddie Martin and my story begins a coupe of years ago when in a period of a few months I was in three car accidents, being rear-ended in all three.  Up to that point I used to workout five times a week, and was having one of the best years I ever had in business. I own a paintless dent repair company—The Dent Devils, and for those who are familiar with the process, you know how important it is to be in a good physical shape to perform my job.  After the accidents I started having migraines and problems with my neck, wrist, knees, lower back, and shoulders. I was going to physical therapy and a migraine specialist from three to five times a week, following everything my doctors prescribed, and trying to workout both on my own and with personal trainers from 24hr Fitness. Unfortunately nothing seemed to work, so besides my health problems I also started suffering from depression. I was already giving up on trying to get better, finally accepting the concept of getting older and not being able to feel like I used to, when I decided to give Ozzy a try after meeting him through friends. That was around three months ago and all I can say is that I wish I had met him a few years back.   Not only has Ozzy helped me with my workout routine, but also with understanding how my body works and reacts to subtle adjustments—not to mention how bad form causes/prolongs injuries. And he takes especial attention to the nutrition side of the training: What to eat, when, and why.  Although he looks into finding the best supplements to cut down on recovery times, he gives high priority to extracting the most out of regular food. It feels great not to have somebody pushing all kinds of chemicals into you just so they can get a higher commission.  Most trainers forget the concept of “personal” training and spend more time watching the clock instead of their clients’ form. I have worked out with four trainers over the last six years, and I never experienced such attention to my specific needs like I do now. Ozzy not only understands and loves body building, but he also knows how to deal with injury rehabilitation. In these short three months he helped me regain what I thought was lost forever, and now my goal for my 44th birthday this summer is to be in better shape than I was before all those accidents. Feeling young and healthy never seemed like a truer reality to me than now. Thanks Ozzy!

Eddie Martin
(619) 726 – 6767

May 22, 2019