Carlos Kremer Captain USMC, Owner Kremer Insurance and Real Estate Services

As a former college football player, a Captain in the United States Marine Corps and recipient of two Navy Achievement Medals I know about leadership and training. Ozzy is simply THE BEST trainer that I have ever seen or worked with period!   If you have the dedication, the determination and the willingness to not only do the workouts but follow his comprehensive diet, you will see amazing results. He will take you to wherever you want to go…If it is lose weight, gain size, be a better athlete etc, it will be accomplished if you follow his lead. He takes an avid interest in all phases of your life to spot weakness’s and make immediate corrections…Sleep habits, nutrition, training, and stretching are just a few of the major components that make a champion and he goes into detail on all 24/7 with every session.  It is like having a fitness expert, life coach and nutritionist all wrapped into one package! I accomplished in 6 months what can take a lifetime to achieve and this is only the beginning!  Thank you Ozzy and Semper Fi.

May 22, 2019