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Kenny Weber

What is I.A.S.T.M?

Instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization (I.A.S.T.M.) is growing in popularity due to its ability to treat a multitude of conditions. The treatment is non-invasive and uses uniquely designed stainless steel instruments to break down scar tissue. Similar to how a comb brushes out knots in hair, the instruments are used to smooth out soft tissue abnormalities, improving range of motion and decreasing pain.

What does Treatment Involve?

We will assess your condition, evaluating strength and range of motion in order to determine the appropriate treatment. A typical IASTM Therapy session includes a warm-up (hot pack, exercise, massage of the area), the instruments being used, stretching, and then a rehabilitative exercise. Many patients see significant results in just a few sessions.

What Can I Expect?

IASTM Therapy can result in tenderness of the treatment area as the healing process initiates. Any discomfort can typically be controlled with stretching and rest. It is recommended that you drink six to eight glasses of water per day. Proper hydration is imperative to foster proper healing.

Why HawkGrips?

We use HawkGrips instruments because they are uniquely designed with specific edges to ensure precise treatment. This increases more immediate response and decreases treatment time. HawkGrips are the finest soft tissue instruments ever made and are used by hundreds of world famous organizations. They demand the best, and so should you.

What can Hawk Grips Treat?

Carpal tunnel syndrome
Cervical pain
Cervical pain
IT Band Syndrome
Lower back pain

Joint sprain
Plantar fasciitis
Post-fracture pain
De Quervain’s syndrome
Cesarean scarring
Post mastectomy

Tennis elbow
Runner’s knee
Painful scars
Shin splints
Golfer’s elbow
And many more…

These World Famous Organizations are Currently Using HawkGrips:

San Diego Chargers
Carolina Panthers
Green Bay Packers
New England Patriots
Baltimore Ravens
Philadelphia Eagles
Cincinnati Bengals
Houston Texans
Pittsburgh Steelers
Johns Hopkins
Navy SEALs
University of Notre Dame
Duke University
Pennsylvania Ballet
Sacramento Kings
New York Knicks
Brooklyn Nets
Dallas Mavericks
New Orleans Pelicans
Toronto Raptors
Philadelphia 76ers
Portland Trailblazers
New Jersey Devils
Philadelphia Flyers
Cleveland Clinic
U.S.A. Track and Field
University of Pennsylvania
Texas A&M
Walter Reed
San Diego Padres
Texas Rangers
New York Yankees
Toronto Blue Jays
Baltimore Orioles
Chicago Cubs
Chicago White Sox
Philadelphia Phillies
Milwaukee Brewers
Kansas City Royals
U.S. Ski Team
PGA Tour
University of Kansas
Cirque du Soleil

And so is 365 Optimal Health and Fitness!

Julie Harrington Giffin

Ozzy's commitment to his client's health is second to none. He takes his time, explains everything in detail and is truly passionate about his work by focusing not only on bringing his clients back to optimum health but maintaining their health long term. Soft tissue therapy is often overlooked but it is vital to physical conditioning.

Thanks Ozzy for your amazing work and dedication. Simply one of the best in the biz!

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