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Mobility, Stability/Foundation Training & Soft Tissue Mobilization Therapy Program

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Are you interested in training your body to move more efficiently, powerfully, and in balance so that the injuries and weakness that are currently holding you back virtually disappear? If so; Mobility, Stability/Foundation Training & Soft Tissue Mobilization Therapy Program is for you.

YES, we decided to put all these three different types of training and soft tissue mobilization therapy programs under one roof. All three of these types of training and Soft Tissue Therapies have an effect on each other. You need all of  them for optimal health. The earlier you start training for Mobility, Stability/Foundation and the Soft Tissue Mobilization Therapies the better it is for your current and future health. 

Over the years Ozzy Kirdar developed “365OHAF” Health System which has four steps as follows, each preparing you for the next step:

  1. Mobility
  2. Stability
  3. Functionality (Train for purpose)
  4. Athletics

You have to accomplish Mobility Training correctly to proceed to Stability Training, then to Functional Training and then if you are interested, you can enjoy or compete at Athletics. Once you reach the next step in the list, you should always go back to your basics, i.e. the previous steps you have accomplished; check them on a regular basis to make sure that you still maintain them.

To accomplish number 1 on the list “Mobility” we will need to give you groups of “Soft Tissue Mobilization Therapies” in the therapy room then work on your Mobility Drills and Static Stretches, Combined together they work much more effectively and efficiently.

If for some reason your performance starts to diminish, to avoid injuries you must go back to the previous step/steps and rebuild them once again. In our world, most fitness/health providers tend to skip Mobility and Stability Training and immediately start from Functional Exercises (train for purpose) to prepare their clients to be fit and healthy. This is a BIG mistake because if you are not mobilized and stabilized properly, you can not perform in Functional Training and Athletics satisfactorily, which means in the long run you will slowly be injuring yourself. You may not feel it at the beginning, but later when the pain arrives and injury occurs, it maybe too late or very difficult to restore your health (Mobility, Stability and Functional Patterns) back again.

Developed by Ozzy Kirdar, this type of training and therapy program get you to a higher level of physical function through the use of an innovative movement improvement program. It is designed to help you unwind any damage done to your body and its movement system and to assist you in becoming “the pain-free and highly functioning person” you deserve to be.

What to expect:

When you participate in this kind of training offered here at 365 Optimal Health and Fitness, you will quickly see big improvements in your range of motion, breathing. posture, and movement. Guided by our certified staff, we will take you through a series of mobility drills, stability movements/exercises, corrective exercises (postures and poses) all of which are aimed at strengthening and mobilization of your body and alignment your joints like you never experienced before; we will teach your nervous system how to move correctly with proper form. Participating in this type of training makes you stronger at everything you do in life. We will re-educate your nervous system and then teach your body to move correctly, efficiently, powerfully, and in balance while you are Mobilized and Stabilized, which are the two most important things to maintain optimal health.

These 3  types of training combined with Soft Tissue Mobilization Therapies provide the ultimate health to our bodies and to our nervous system as well. Sounds like something you would be interested in? Then do yourself a favor and contact us today to learn more about how you can benefit from this type of training and soft tissue mobilization therapy program.

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Why Mobility and Stability is Vital for Health?

Introduction to 365 Optimal Health and Fitness Health Clinic

Julie Harrington Giffin

Ozzy's commitment to his client's health is second to none. He takes his time, explains everything in detail and is truly passionate about his work by focusing not only on bringing his clients back to optimum health but maintaining their health long term. Soft tissue therapy is often overlooked but it is vital to physical conditioning.

Thanks Ozzy for your amazing work and dedication. Simply one of the best in the biz!

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