I have met many trainers and coaches in my field, but none with the knowledge and skills that Ozzy Kirdar possesses. – Cem Eren

What is Bodybuilding?

You should always remember that bodybuilding is more than just about hugely muscled, oiled up men flexing their gargantuan biceps until they threaten to pop out of their arms. It is an art that is perfected with months of sincere efforts, the right guidance, and dedication.

There are no shortcuts or secrets to success, though, some training methods are smarter and better than others. All one needs is to write down all of their goals for starting and realistic expectations of what he or she hopes to achieve in the short and long term and then attain such goals and objectives with a clearly-defined program.

Bodybuilding is the smart use of progressive resistance exercise for controlling and developing one’s musculature. In other words, it is about using the weight force of gravity to oppose the force generated by muscles of the body through concentric (a type of muscle contraction in which the muscles shorten while generating force) or eccentric contraction (lengthening contraction wherein the muscle elongates while under tension due to an opposing force greater than the muscle can generate). To sum it up, it is is best sport to make your body proportionally shaped and fit.

Bodybuilding training, by definition, is “cosmetic.” In a bodybuilding competition, you are judged on the way you look, not by the way you perform. Whether you use light weights or heavy weights, slow reps or fast reps, long workouts or short workouts is completely irrelevant. The only thing that matters is that on the day of the contest, your physique is visually the best one onstage. This means having the perfect package of low body fat, muscular size and classical symmetry.

Bodybuilding is not aimed at increasing strength, flexibility, endurance, speed or other athletic factors as ends in themselves. In bodybuilding, these performance qualities are only sought to the extent to which they help the bodybuilder look better onstag

Robert Taylor Actor/Model

I saw Ozzy's body and his pictures and i wanted to look like that. I wanted to have a better looking, functioning and working body. I didn't necessarily want to be as big as he was, but as a Hollywood Film and  \Television Actor, I had lost roles because I wasn't big enough. and I was getting sick of it.  I needed help getting out of the night clubs and bars every nite and Ozzy taught me how important a steady sleep, meal and workout program is to building structure and strength in bodybuilding. He showed me the proper diet to eat, told me when to eat, showed me how to use the weights to lift properly and gave me a week by week breakdown of what I needed to do.

Since I live in Los Angeles, I often find myself on the phone with Ozzy for supplement supply advice, new workout programs and i can always be sure that when I come down for a training session that he really kicks my butt. Ozzy knows what he is doing, and if he didn't, he wouldn't have the success and talent and pride in his work that he holds. From fighters, to models and actors like my self, this guy will train you hard, thorough and with skill and technique. if you're looking to make a serious change in your lifestyle, diet and self-esteem.  Trust me. Ozzy can take you there.

In the past year working with him, I have booked a lead role in the New Boost Mobile Commercials airing on television currently, and booked Music Video's for Gwen Stefani and Elton John. I have modeled for Pamela Anderson's Fashion Shows in Las Vegas and I am also the new male model for Alexandria Von Bromssens clothing line. I am going to be the lead model featured in all her catalogs and most of her stuff is undergarments where I'm showing my body all the time. I didn't use to have the confidence that I now do when it comes to taking my shirt off. I love my new healthy life.

I put the work in that I need to do, but I owe it to Ozzy for the support and training. You have truly helped me in so many ways!

Thank you, Ozzy and I will be seeing you soon!


Robert Taylor
Hollywood, CA

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