He is not only a healer but truly a great person… – Kenny W.

Kenny Weber

Who is Ozzy Kirdar?

Ozzy Kirdar was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey and has lived in California for the past 21 years. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Management from Bosphorus University in Europe, and he hails certifications in Marketing and the Foundation of American Business from San Diego State University in Southern California. He is also a certified personal trainer through ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association), State certified massage therapist through School of Healing Arts and HawkGrips IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) certified provider with extensive experience in the fitness and health industry.

Throughout his life, he has been deeply involved in health and fitness. After he graduated from college and before becoming a successful contender in bodybuilding, he actively competed on several undergraduate teams- including basketball, soccer, table tennis, and chess. He has received numerous medals and trophies throughout the years, validating his incredible talent, fitness, and sportsmanship, and ultimately received an athletic scholarship for college.

Ozzy Kirdar has above 20.000 hours of athletic coaching, personal training, group training, soft tissue therapy, deep tissue therapy, joint mobilization, and corrective exercises experience with his clients under his resume.

His most recent undertaking involves honing his own personal, well-balanced mix healing and training methods also called as Mixed Healing Arts. He enjoys discovering new ways to improve and pushing himself in the world of health and fitness. As a result, he has developed a system that incorporates challenging your mind, as well as your body, so that you become the best functional and healthy human being possible without having any injuries and no pain on your body.

Ozzy completed 500 hours of education and received his Certified Massage Therapist license. He then continued his education further, earning certification as a Soft Tissue Mobilization therapist from Active Release Techniques (A.R.T) as well and after he graduated from A.R.T. soft tissue school he also got certified for HawkGrips soft tissue mobilization instruments (IASTM).

He not only gets his clients in great shape with his health and fitness programs, but he also treats their injuries and pain with his own bodywork and therapies. His goal with each of his client is to balance their Muscular System which will help to have aligned Skeletal System and that will allow a person to have a highly functioning Nervous System. That is the explanation of being a healthy human.

Last 5 years Ozzy has been working to develop his own health system called “365OHAF” He has developed his own techniques and applications by working on hundreds of high-level athlete bodies and on their injuries. Ozzy believes “365OHAF” is one of the most complete Health System ever developed in the world currently today. It will take some time but eventually, more people will hear, know and practice the system Ozzy Kirdar developed.

Being a complete health and fitness practitioner is one of his ultimate lifetime goals.

Julie Harrington Giffin

Ozzy's commitment to his client's health is second to none. He takes his time, explains everything in detail and is truly passionate about his work by focusing not only on bringing his clients back to optimum health but maintaining their health long term. Soft tissue therapy is often overlooked but it is vital to physical conditioning.

Thanks Ozzy for your amazing work and dedication. Simply one of the best in the biz!

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